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Merger and Acquisition
When the company intends to develop more advanced and bigger, one of two ways is by acquisition and merger with a larger company, without having to incur significant costs.

However, it is undeniable that to carry out Mergers and Acquisition, you need legal expertise to assist you, and help provide legal advice when needed, especially when you have to make crucial decisions. We will assist you until the Merger and Acquisition process goes well and is completed.

Our legal services in the Merger and Acquisitions process among others:

1. Preparing Composition of Merger.

2. Preparing Resolutions of Shareholders and meeting invite to shareholders.

3. Preparing notification to creditors and making settlement with creditors.

4. Placing newspaper announcement on the M&A process.

5. Submitting notification to the government authorities on the M&A process.

6. Revocation of licenses.

7. Preparing shareholders agreement.

8. Liaising with the public accountant, tax advisor, public notary and other stakeholders.

9. Handling transfer of employment.

10. Other relevant legal services that may be added-on to complete the M&A process.