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Indonesia National Single Window

KSP LEGAL UPDATES Indonesia National Single Window miami shutterstock 99344594Indonesia National Single Window
In late May 2018, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, signed the President Regulation Number 44 of 2018 on Indonesia National Single Window (INSW). An integrated system for submitting and processing data and information and granting single decision related to import and export activities is essentially required in Indonesia to maintain the sustainability of the implementation of the Indonesian economy.

INSW can be accessed through this link Indonesia National Single Window (INSW). Ministry of Finance shall be in charge for maintaining this port which basically coordinate 15 ministries/departments and 18 license issuing authorities.

Some import and export licenses can be applied through INSW such as customs documents, quarantine documents, licensing documents, port/airport documents and other import and/or export related documents.

INSW portal is made in bilingual version, Indonesian and English version. To use this portal, INSW users must have access rights that can be done through INSW website, Portal User Registration. Article 7 of the Regulation firmly requires that all data and information submitted to INSW are true and valid.

Another important point in this regulation is the requirement to build an audit record of all activities done through INSW portal by the INSW portal users. In case of discrepancy, audit record of INSW portal shall be the basis for tracking. INSW is also equipped with ‘Tracking’ menu to trace Pemberitahuan Impor Barang - PIB, Pemberitahuan Ekspor Barang - PEB, e-Form D, licensing and recommendations. Meanwhile, INSW portal users can be charged some fees for using INSW portal.

For further information on import and export license, please drop us an email at mail@ksplaw.co.id.
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