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Arbitration is a popular alternative dispute resolution mechanism used in Indonesia to resolve various types of commercial disputes. Indonesian law recognizes several types of arbitration, including ad hoc arbitration, institutional arbitration, and international arbitration.

Arbitration can be used to resolve a wide range of commercial disputes, including disputes related to contracts, construction, intellectual property, and investment. For example, if there is a dispute related to a construction project in Indonesia, the parties can opt for arbitration to resolve the issue in a timely and cost-effective manner. In such a case, our lawyers can assist clients in:

1. Submitting arbitration application or drafting response to BANI Arbitration Center.

2. Representing clients in arbitration proceedings as an applicant or respondent.

3. Coordinating with other legal counsel in other countries in submitting arbitration applications.

4. Preparing affidavit as an Indonesia Legal Expert for arbitration proceeding purposes.

5. Registering foreign arbitral awards through Indonesian court for the enforcement of the award.